The Avon Grove Wildcats website was established in 2000 to keep our parents, coaches, volunteers, community and fans informed on the growth and progress of our Football and Cheerleading programs.
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The Avon Grove Wildcats takes the health and safety of each athlete very seriously, and makes it the priority of every coach and volunteer in the organization.

A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head or by a hit to the body that causes the head and brain to move rapidly back and forth. Symptoms include, headache, confusion, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. The chance of injury rises when proper blocking and tackling techniques have not been taught to the athletes, and when equipment is not up to code.

In order to increase safety The Avon Grove Wildcats have implemented USA Football’s Heads Up Football Program. This program will make sure that each coach in the program knows the proper technique and will make sure these techniques are implemented in both practice and games.

We have also joined forces with Riddell in this process. It is recommended that helmets are reconditioned every two seasons to increase safety we have made a commitment to have our helmets reconditioned by Riddell before EVERY season.


For further information on Riddell’s Reconditioning Process please watch the video below:

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Avon Grove Wildcats Registration is Now Open!!!

Registration for the Wildcats' 2016 Season is now open!!!  To register please go to the "Register Now" link on the right hand panel on the site.

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Wildcats Registration and Uniform Information


Standard Registration will be open from May 1st to June 30th.  Late registration will be open from July 1st to August 1st.   With the exception of the additional cost for tackle jerseys noted below, registration fees will remain unchanged:

Flag Football: $80, Late Fee: $25
Tackle Football: $200, Personalized Jersey: $20, Late Fee: $50
Flag Cheer: $80, Late Fee: $25
Non Flag Cheer Registration: $155, Late Fee: $50

One thing to note is that we never want cost to be the reason why a kid doesn’t get to play for the Wildcats.  So if you (or someone you know) is unable to register a kid for the Wildcats because of cost – please reach out to me and I’ll work to make that as much of a non-issue as possible.

Tackle Jerseys and Pants

This upcoming year, tackle football players will be using personalized jerseys (with the last name on the back of the jersey) that players will be able to keep at the end of the season.  A portion of the registration fee will be used to cover the cost of the jerseys.  In addition, there will be a charge of $20 per player to cover the rest of the cost. 

Another bit of exciting news is that we will be replacing all of the tackle pants for our players with pants that have integrated pads. 

Practice Jerseys

This upcoming year, the Wildcats will not be providing practice jerseys.  Players can use practice jerseys from previous years that still fit or purchase one.   

Cheer Uniforms and Practices

In addition, we will be replacing all of the uniforms for our cheerleaders with a new and exciting design.  We’re pleased with the new design and can’t wait to see the Cheerleaders in their new look.

There are some additional accessories that the cheerleaders will need.  These accessories can be ordered by registering with Varsity Colors using the following link:

In addition, KX Athletics has been generous enough to allow our cheerleaders to practice in their facility located in 21 Commerce Blvd., Suite 1, West Grove, PA 19390.  The KX Athletics facility is a state of the art facility which will not only allow our cheerleaders to be more comfortable, but they will be safer too.  We want to give a big thank you to KX Athletics for supporting the Wildcats.

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Wildcats Sponsorship Packages

This upcoming year we will be purchasing new uniforms for all of our players and cheerleaders.  In order to fund this effort, we are counting on the support of our local business community.  Sponsoring the Wildcats is not only a way to support the Wildcats, but it will also provide local businesses great marketing exposure to a great demographic of hundreds of families in our local community.

Please contact Matt Hepworth at for more information.



The Wildcat



Home Game Announcements

Yard Sign in Sponsorship Corner

Logo on Wildcats Website

4x8 Banner on Practice and Game Fields

5x10 Banner on Clubhouse




Premium Ad Position in Program




Full Page Ad in Program



Half Page Ad in Program




Quarter Ad in Program




Free Child Registration for Parent Employee









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Wildcats Fundraising thru Sponsorship and Donations

In order to make a lot of the changes that we’re looking to do this year, we are going to need more financial support than we’ve ever received.  Unfortunately, registrations fees alone aren’t enough to cover the full cost of the program – especially in a year like 2016 where we are replacing uniforms for both football players and cheerleaders. 

Many other clubs overcome these shortfalls by requiring players to do significant fundraising.  We know that many times the burden of fundraising ultimately falls on the parents – who in many cases are already over-booked.  Therefore, our hope is to be able secure the funds we need via sponsorship and donations and relieve parents of that burden.

There are four primary ways to contribute to the Wildcats (sponsorship and corporate-matching/check/credit card donations).  To the extent possible, we hope you’ll consider supporting the Wildcats in at least one of these four ways and that you’ll pass this email along to anyone you know who you think may be interested in supporting us.


Business Sponsorship
Our Business sponsorship program that will not only give Businesses an opportunity to support the Wildcats but we believe that it will also provide them with a lot of marketing value that is hard to come by in this area.  There are several packages that include various combinations of field banners, ads in our Game Day Program, logos on our website, etc.

Note that there is one special package that is only available to the parents of a Wildcat called “The Wildcat”.  If your employer is willing to sponsor the Wildcats for $1,000, not only will they receive a valuable marketing package from the Wildcats, but your child will also get a free registration.

Please contact Matt Hepworth at for more information.

Check Donation
To support the Wildcats with a check donation, please make the check out to the “Avon Grove Wildcats” and mail it to PO Box 103, West Grove, PA 19390.  You can also hand a check to Elsje Kumpon or myself in person.

Credit Card Donation
In order to make a credit card donation in $25 increments, simply go to and go to the “Online Donations” link on the left hand panel.  You can also go there directly by clicking here:

Corporate Matching Donation Programs
There are several corporate programs that allow employees to contribute to a non-profit organization where the company then matches the donation amount.  Organizations like Bank of America and United Way participate in programs like this.  If your company offers this type of program, please consider selecting the Wildcats as an organization that you support.

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Preliminary 2016 Schedule

Below is an updated schedule for the 2016 season.  Note that Homecoming has been moved to 9/10 instead of 10/8.

Note that this schedule is only applicable for Varsity teams.  The hope is that the JV and Flag schedule will be as close to this as possible.  However, the final non-Varsity schedule will depend on the number of non-Varsity teams that each club we play is able field.  Unfortunately, this won’t be known until we near the end of the registration period.  While we’d like to keep all of the varsity and non-varsity schedules as consistent as possible, this is never entirely possible and there are always differences.  We will do our best to keep everyone together throughout the season – especially during home games and homecoming.  However, this is largely outside of our control.


Freshman Football – 2 to 3 times/week (2 to 3 times/week once the season starts)
Tackle Football – 5 days/week (3 times/week once the season starts)

Freshman Cheerleading - 2 times/week (1 time/week once the season starts)

Tackle Football – 2 times/week (2 times/week once the season starts)




Harmony Park

Home Season Opener




Harmony Park





AGHS (Tentative)

Game at HS














Harmony Park

Home Season Closer








Great Valley












Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

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Football Coaching Selections

The Wildcats Football Program is proud to announce the selection of the following football coaches for the 2016 season:

Flag - Mike Ham - Mike is returning for his second season as the Flag coach.  Due to Mike's hard work and dedication to the kids, and program, he was named Wildcat Coach of the year for 2015.   We are excited to have Mike back for 2016 season.

80JV - Matt Lucovich - Matt has an extensive amount of coaching experience within the Avon Grove Wildcats football organization.  Most recently he was the defensive coordinator for the 100 varsity team.  Matt's football knowledge and passion will create the base for our kids, and energize them as they move up the levels.

80 Varsity - Brian Kinsella- Brian brings an extensive amount of football experience to the program.  Most recently he served as an assistant coach the 80 JV team.  Brian has partnered with Chris Stein to bring a dynamic coaching staff to the 80 Varsity level.  Chris Stein has coached at the high school level, and with multiple teams in the Bert Bell.  Brian also serves at the Field Maintenance manager for the AGWF program.

100 JV - Chris Hughes - Chris has been with the Avon Grove Wildcat's program for many years as both a player, and coach.  Chris most recently coached with Josh Belford for the 80 and 100lb levels.  Chris brings a young high energy coaching staff that will ignite the Avon Grove football program.

100 Varsity - Chris Kumpon - Chris has an extensive football background playing at the high school, and collegiate levels.  Chris has fantastic football acumen and a passion for coaching.  Chris previously assistant coached the Avon Grove High Schools Red Devils CHESMONT championship team, as well as head coached at the AGWF Flag and 80lb levels.  Chris's passion for football will greatly benefit the kids and the program

120 JV- Troy Hyman - Troy comes to the program from the Kennett Square Titan's program.  Troy has coached at all the Bert Bell levels, and brings a passion for the game that will bolster the 120 program.

120 Varsity - Rob Colon - Rob has been with the program for over 10 years and has a contagious passion for coaching kids.  Rob's football acumen and ability to connect with our kids will create a winning program.

Unlimited - TBD

We are excited to have an awesome group of coaches which we are sure will propel the program to new heights.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at

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Calling All Volunteers


We're extremely grateful to all the volunteers who have stepped up to help us make the 2016 Avon Grove Wildcats Season a great season.  We initially presented 11 non-coaching volunteer positions and we've filled 8 of those.  There are 3 remaining positions: 


Equipment Manager


If you would like any information regarding the responsibilities of any above position or you are interested in any of these positions, please email  .

Go Wildcats!

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Avon Grove Cheerleading mini-Camp

Join the Avon Grove High School Cheerleaders and their head coach Lisa Garman for their annual Cheerleading mini-Camp on June 14 and 15 from 6pm to 8pm.  


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Avon Grove Football Youth Camp

Join the Avon Grove High School Football Team and their head coach Harry O'Neill for their annual Youth Football camp from June 20 - June 24.  Sign up here:

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Wildcats Promotional Video

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Senior (120s) and 7th Grade Middle School FAQ

I’ve received several questions from parents whose kids are eligible to play for the Wildcats at the 120s level and for the 7th grade Middle School team.  We recognize that this is not an easy decision for parents.  As such, I’ve laid out some of the differences I see between the 2 programs so parents in that situation can more easily make their decision.

Before I lay out the differences, note that the Wildcats have a great relationship with the Middle School.  The Wildcats program serves as a feeder program to the Middle School – both for players and coaches.  And the Wildcats receive support from players and coaches from the Middle School.  We fully support the Middle School and are working together to make sure both programs are successful.

Below are my thoughts.  If after reading these you are still on the fence as to which one to do - feel free to reach out to me and I promise to give you a balanced view on the two programs for you to be able to make your decision.


Which team makes more sense for my kid given their size?:  It depends

7th Grade Middle School football has no weight restrictions.  Therefore, if your kid is heavier, the Middle School team may be a better option.  If your kid is lighter, the Wildcats may be more appropriate/safer.

Which Game Schedule/Time is Easier?:  It depends

Whether or not the game schedule is easier for you depends on your personal schedule.  7th Grade Middle School games usually happen right after school and the games are faster given that quarters are 8 minutes long with a running clock.  Wildcats games are played on Saturday and are longer given that quarters are 10 minutes long with a clock that stops.  If your personal schedule permits you to be at your kids school around 3 or 3:30 on a weekday, if you have prior commitments on Saturdays, and if you prefer a shorter game over a longer game – then the Middle School schedule may work better for you.  If you’re free on Saturdays, don’t have a lot flexibility during weekdays, and enjoy the longer games – then the 120s schedule may work better for you.

Will we field a 120s team this year?:  We’re doing everything we can to field one.

Last year the Wildcats were not able to field a 120s team on a standalone basis.  As a result, our players were combined with Oxford’s 120s program.  This upcoming season we’re pushing hard to fully field both a Varsity and JV 120s team and are going to do everything in our power to do so. 

Can my kid play on both teams?:  We’re considering that

This option has not been available in the past but it’s something that we’re looking into this year.  We’re already working with the Middle School to synchronize the curriculum of the two programs.  In addition, we’re looking at the possibility of working around the Middle School schedule such that we can provide enough flexibility for players to be able to play on both.  If this is a key consideration for you as you consider whether or not your kid will play next year – please reach out to me directly.

Which Practice Schedule is Easier?:  The Middle School

Given that practices for the Middle School happen right after school, parents don’t have to worry about taking their kids to practice.  In the case of the Wildcats, practices usually start around 6pm which means kids come home first and then parents have to drive them to practice.

Where would my kid likely get more playing/coach time:  The Wildcats

The roster of a 120s team has generally been smaller than the roster of the Middle School 7th grade team.  As a result, kids generally get more playing time and coaching time on 120s.  In addition, the longer Wildcats games provide the 120s players with additional playing time.

What team gives me the ability to connect with others in the Community:  It depends

Both teams allow parents to engage with the community and which one works better for you depends on what you’re looking for.  In the case of the 7th grade program, the other parents you’ll be interacting with are mostly parents of other 7th graders.  That may be perfectly fine depending on your preference.  However, because of the shorter games, there’s less time to connect with them.  In the case of the Wildcats, given the broad set of ages represented across the different teams, there’s a broader set of community members at the Wildcats games.  In addition, the longer games and the fact that there are multiple games provides community members with ample time to connect if they’d like.

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Important Notice Regarding Bert Bell Rules Changes

Hi everyone,

I’d like to inform you of a recent rule changes by Bert Bell with regards to the Older Lighter Rule, Birthday Cutoffs and the Pound-Per-Week Allowance.  These rule changes will be in effect for the 2016 Season and may impact the weight level your child is eligible to play in.

Older Lighter Rule Change
Older/Lighter players must remain at the older/lighter weight (20 pounds less than the weight level) for the entire season, and will not be given a pound per week during the regular season nor the playoffs. In addition, the older/lighter weight for the 120 pound level has been moved to 100 pounds.

Birthday Cutoff Rule Change
The birthday cutoff date used to determine weight level eligibility has been moved to August 1st.   If you’d like to check the weight level your child will be eligible to play in please use the following calculator:

Pound Per Week Allowance Rule Change
Both the additional pound per week and the 2 pound allowance for games that begin at noon or later has been removed. Players at a given weight class will be allowed the pound per week at the beginning of the season, and a pound allowance will be added for each round of the playoffs. For example, at the 100 pound weight class, the allowed weights are as follows for an eight (8) game regular season.

  • Non Older/Lighters - 107 pounds during the regular season, beginning Week 1, and a pound per week during the playoffs
  • Older/Lighters - 80 pounds during both the regular season and the playoffs

Note that these changes were initiated by Bert Bell and not The Wildcats. We all have mixed feelings about the changes. They’re intended to increase enrollment at the older levels which helps clubs like the Wildcats. However, some kids will end up having to skip a level during this transitional year.

It also reduces the number of Older/Lighters. This helps clubs like The Wildcats as some of the clubs that dominate our league are able to do so with a disproportionate number of Older/Lighters on their team. However, it means that some of the kids who would’ve otherwise been able to play as Older/Lighters for the Wildcats, will now have to play at a heavier weight.

If you have any questions or concerns about this – feel free to reach out to me via email.

Best Regards,


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Aspiring Cheerleading Coaches - We Need You!!!

My name is Amy Brunnquell and I am the Cheerleading Director for the Avon Grove Wildcats.  We’re still psyched about our great 2015 Cheerleading season , which was capped off with a 1st place win at the Burt Bell Cheerleading competition.  As good as the 2015 season was, I am working hard to make 2016 even better.  I’m really excited about some of the changes we’re looking to make and I’m really looking forward to the upcoming season.

One of the most important elements of a successful cheerleading program is great coaching.  Great coaching is dependent on people in our community (just like you) being willing to step into these roles and pour your hearts into our girls and into the Cheerleading program.

We are thankful for those who’ve already been willing to 'throw the hat in the ring', but we need more help.

If you love Cheerleading, love working with super energetic and fun-loving girls, and you are looking for a fun way to give back to our community – we’d love for you to join us this year!!!  While prior Cheerleading and/or Cheerleading coaching experience is a plus, it’s not a requirement.  If you don’t have prior experience but it’s something that you’d be interested in learning – please consider reaching out to me.  Regardless of your level of experience, we know that coaching cheerleading is a lot of work.  You will have the support you need from the organization to pull it off.  Finally, the impact you’ll be able to have on a group of young girls and the love and admiration they’ll shower you with will be well worth it!!!

Our plan is to field Flag, 80s, 100s and 120s squads.  We would like to make coaching selections as soon as possible, so that we can provide parents with that information upon registration.

If you’re interested in becoming a Wildcats Cheer coach – please reach out to me at .

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If you have been wanting to help out the Wildcats, but didn't really know how, here is your opportunity! We need volunteers for the following positions: 

Concessions Manager


Equipment Manager

Field Maintenance Manager

Fund Raising Manager

Medical Director

Merchandise Manager

Recruiting Manager

Special Events Manager

Uniform Manager


If you would like any information regarding the responsibilities of any above position or you are interested in any of these positions, please email  .

Go Wildcats!

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New Board of Directors Members

New Board of Directors Members

Please join us in congratulating a few members of our AG family in their newly appointed Board of Directors positions:

  • Jose Sabastro, President
  • Pete Muller, Athletic Director
  • Elsje Kumpon, Treasurer

We would like to thank the previous board members for their volunteer time and dedication to the Avon Grove Wildcats organization.  Also, the best of luck to our new members.

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Board of Directors Meetings

  Board of Directors Meetings

This is a reminder that all of the AGW Board of Director meetings are open to the public and we welcome those interested to attend our meetings.  The meetings are held at the West Grove Methodist Church in West Grove (by Harmony Park) on the second Tuesday at each month at 7:00pm.  These dates and times are subject to change.

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Website Key

Did you ever wonder why there are photos on every news item on the homepage?  Here is why...

  • A Wildcat  -  the news item is related to the entire organization
  • A Football  - the news item is related to only football players/coaches
  • A Pom-Pom  - the news item is related to only cheerleaders/coaches
  • A Golfer  - the news item is related to the Annual Golf Outing
  • A Whistle   - the news ltem is related to Coaching Issues
  • A Lacrosse Stick  - the news item is related to Wildcats Lacrosse
  • Children's hands  - the news item is related to the Community
  • A Medical Symbol  - the news item is related to Medical Issues

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Link Logos

Heads Up Football

USA Football