The Avon Grove Wildcats website was established in 2000 to keep our parents, coaches, volunteers, community and fans informed on the growth and progress of our Football and Cheerleading programs.
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2018 Board Members

Vice President
Athletic Director Michael Traa
Player Agent Irene Fausnaught
Operations Director Anne Cheney
League Representative 
Treasurer Kevin Runey
Cheerleading Director
Katie Hoogerwerff and Barbara Aukzemas
Senior Advisor


Additional Volunteer Positions

Concessions Manager Kristin Boggetta
Co-Cheer Director Barbara Aukzemas
Co-Cheer Director Katie Hoogerwerff
DJ/Announcer Open
Equipment Manager Open
Field Maintenance Manager Brian Kinsella
Fund Raising Manager Matt Hepworth
Medical Director April Hipkins
Merchandise Manager Irene Fausnaught
Recruiting Manager Phil Travalini
Special Events Manager Shanna Ware
Uniform Manager Irene Fausnaught
Videography Open


Board Meetings Manager.docx
Meetings are generally held the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Willowdale Chapel in Jennersville at 6:30pm.


Issue Resolution and Addressing Grievances
In keeping with the tradition of the Avon Grove Wildcats as a Class Organization that is well respected within the Bert Bell Memorial Conference, we would like to remind everyone that issues that arise should follow proper protocol.  Please begin to address grievances directly in the following sequence: Your Team's Coach, followed by the Athletic Director and Board President.  Issues raised to this level will then be presented to the Board of Directors and entered into the minutes.